it’s been a while since we last saw you, and safe to say, we’ve missed you.

Everyday has grown immensely over the past two-ish years. we now have a growing line of products that we've developed and you've continually loved.

as holiday cheer fills the air, we thought to ourselves:

"hey, this is the perfect time to catch up with the community"

so we created our dream pop-up booth!
take the chance to experience our products IRL - from our leather-bound planners, crystal-clear Super Systems, and our sleek, ceramic dinnerware sets.
we've put together some fantastic bundles of joy (and savings!) ideal for your last-minute holiday sprint.

enjoy our bespoke gift-wrapping station, while you’re at it! get your orders jazzed up with limited edition gift wraps, ribbons, and tags.
think of this as us trying to reconnect with you after
two years of being MIA.

we're here and we're super thankful for all the support you
have given us in this Everyday journey.